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Forest Grove Massage Therapy

Our extraordinary team of professional massage therapists is eager to help you receive the benefits of this a variety of massage therapies, including deep tissue massage therapy and massage for pain relief.

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Massage Forest Grove Oregon

9 Reasons To Give Yourself a Massage

  1. Massage helps maintain flexibility and prevent injuries
  2. Massage helps you manage stress
  3. Massage improves the condition, texture, tone and appearance of your skin
  4. Massage enhances your sleep and reduces fatigue
  5. Massage releases endorphins in your body, relaxing you
  6. Massage improves your range of motion
  7. Massage stimulates lymph flow, which boosts immunity (your body’s natural resistance to infection and disease)
  8. Massage improves circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients into cells, tissues and organs
  9. Massage aids pain management and relieves pinched nerves

Oregon Massage Therapy serving Hillsboro, Cornelius, Banks and Forest Grove.

This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. If you need an accident injury evaluation or are seeking pain relief for car accident injury, please call our Oregon alternative care clinic to schedule an appointment for your injuries. Our naturopathic doctors offer alternative health care and natural health treatment for a variety of common illness and chronic pain problems.
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